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• TESSERACT RECORDINGS LABEL | The Artist & Repertoire Director / Talent Scout || @tesseract-recordings

•GOT DEMO ? ANY - (YOUTUBE CHANNEL - LABEL or NEXT PODCAST EPISODE? SUBMISSIONS) // -> pm or sylwia@animotionlab.com

||More about me:
If you name me, you negate me. I am the zero point, the primal vibration, the one and the holy. I am the mirror and you are me. Ego sees the visible spectrum only, but the conscious mind embraces infinite space and eternity. Hear the tone, arise aware, you will recognise time is the illusion of solidity. You'll be the last poet, the truthseeker, the DNA of immortality. You’ll unravel your ghostly matter, have visions of alchemy. You will smile when you die. You will not name me, I am the prophet and you are me



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